Feed The Snake

Feed The Snake 1.3

Feed the Snake 1.3 is a very nice snake game for your afterwork enjoyment
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The new version of snake games Feed the Snake 1.3 is a very interesting computer game. One of the main advantages of Feed the Snake is that the program will be attractive for experienced gamers as well as for beginners. The computer graphics and the design of the game are done very well. There are many new options such as new food (tasty and not tasty), new options for saving and losing the snake’s lives, new size of the snake (the gamer can grow his snake up to 99). The manage panel is useful. The gamer can learn the rules of the game easily from the control board. There are 2 players possible, so the gamers can arrange a small competition between each other. The main purpose of the game is to prolong one's snake to its maximum size and to use as little time and the snake's lives as possible. The game's structure is made very competitively, so the gamers are fully involved in the gaming process. Feed the Snake 1.3 is a very nice snake game for your afterwork enjoyment.
Feed the Snake 1.3 is an attractive PC game product.

Review summary


  • Low demands with high quality of the game
  • Prerendered 2-dimensional graphics with gorgeous animation
  • Comfortable controls
  • Nice special effects


  • Need for consultations with the display panel
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